Separate Function

Separate string list to Pandas DataFrame

tools.separate.separate(series, index=None, columns=None, otherwise=nan)

Separate string list to Pandas DataFrame

  • series (list of list or Series of list) –
  • index (filter return index) –
  • columns (return column name of DataFrame) –
  • otherwise (numpy.NaN, fill value of not exist value) –

Return type:

Pandas DataFrame with split each element of series to column


>>> from import separate
>>> df = pd.DataFrame({'full_string': ['a b c d e z', 'f g h i']},
...                   index=['row_1', 'row_2'])
>>> series = df.full_string.str.split(' ')
>>> separate(series)
    col_0 col_1 col_2 col_3 col_4 col_5
row_1     a     b     c     d     e     z
row_2     f     g     h     i   NaN   NaN